This Old House

LocationThis Old House
Landscape Design
Asphalt Driveway
Paver Apron & Borders
Paver Walkway
Permeable Paver Patio
Boulder Fire Pit
Landscape Installation
Sod & Hydroseeding

Project Details

From the conceptual design work, to the hardscape installation, to the finishing touches in the potted plants, the crew and I had a blast.  This project required a lot of work in a minimal amount of time.  It was “All hands on deck” for this install.  In a matter of 10 work days we were able to complete this entire project from grading the site, to paving the driveway to installing the irrigation and sod.  Knowing this project would attract a large audience, we felt it crucial to take advantage of the unique opportunity to educate the public on sustainable landscape practices.  We were able to utilize permeable pavers as an alternative to traditional hardscape installation as well as directing rain water from the roof directly under the foundation planting beds encompassing the house.  It was essential to show that not only were these sustainable alternatives practical but they added to the aesthetics of the property.