Saunderstown Residence

ClientSaunderstown Residence
Landscape Construction

Project Details

  1. Design – The clients wanted modern, clean lines with natural elements intentionally mixed in. We achieved this with a rectilinear layout and used pavers in linear patterns. We used crisp black accent bands and contrasting angled pavers to delineate spaces such as the dining and fire pit areas.  
  2. Quality of Construction & Craftsmanship – As evidenced by the photos the crews took great pride in the details. From the angled paver inlays to the perfect alignment of the accent bands and even the exact amount of lighting, every detail was thought of and executed. A lot of craftsman put their stamp on this project and it shows.
  3. Construction Innovation – One of the biggest challenges on this site was overlaying an existing sloped cement pad under the deck.  Using the bar, kitchen and a granite step we were able to retain the grade necessary and bring the grade right up to the door sill to create a seamless transition.
  4. Compatibility with Related Construction Materials & Systems – This site had over 15’ of elevation change from the driveway down to the pool area. It was a challenge to create smooth transitions from existing access points to our new spaces. There was a lot of detailed grading and some clever retaining to achieve a successful flow.
  5. Goal/Reason for Project and Result of the Project – The clients wanted to create a backyard where the party never ends.  Whether it be for the kids or the parents they wanted the ultimate hangout spot.  Mission accomplished.