Coventry Residence

ClientCoventry Residence
Landscape Construction

Project Details

  1. Design – The clients were looking for a clean, modern aesthetic with natural elements folded in as seen with the stone veneer used for the fireplace wall. This design focused on creating spaces that were intentional with relation to the house and the angled pool. Creating multiple levels allowed us to shift the angle from the back of the home to the sight line leading across the in-ground pool.
  2. Quality of Construction & Craftsmanship – Quality craftsmanship can be seen in every aspect of this backyard oasis. From small details like the custom stone electrical outlet surrounds to the intricate construction of the outdoor kitchen and fireplace feature wall, this project was built by true craftsman.
  3. Construction Innovation – The biggest innovation was the blending of existing elements such as the pool and deck with new elements such as the outdoor living room, kitchen, and hot tub spaces. Using elevation to our advantage by manipulating it to delineate spaces was crucial in the success of this project. 
  4. Compatibility with Related Construction Materials & Systems – We were fortunate to work with the contractor building the deck, pavilion and pergola. We were able to integrate those elements into our hardscape elements by wrapping the posts with stone pillars and aligning the pergola with our sightline over the hot tub and pool. We created a cohesive palette with a multitude of materials.
  5. Goal/Reason for Project and Result of the Project – The whole reason this project started was because our clients wanted to create a space for their grandkids to enjoy and create wonderful memories with them. They certainly achieved that and are enjoying every minute of it!