Bonvouloir Residence – Jamestown

ClientBonvouloir Residence
Paver Patio
Landscape Construction

Project Details

  1. Design – The clients really liked the idea of using the pavers to play a supporting role and accentuate the pool and landscaping. We used a monochromatic color palette, using only grey tones, but mixed in a ton of texture and detail in the borders, and accent areas.
  2. Quality of Construction & Craftsmanship – To execute an installation of this caliber there had to be a keen attention to the details. From the custom cut caps over the automatic pool cover and cleanouts, to the angular herringbone patterns of the motor court, driveway, and dining area were paramount in the success of this project.
  3. Construction Innovation – This project required innovation both in the construction and design phases. Utilizing permeable pavers allowed us to create these spaces while staying within lot requirements.  Innovation also came into play forcing us to manipulate pitch, permeability and joint materials in order to redirect water away from both the pool and home itself.
  4. Compatibility with Related Construction Materials & Systems – Constructing the majority of the site allowed us to integrate a number of systems together; most importantly, the drainage. The ability to connect the downspouts, the retaining wall drainage, utilizing permeable areas and ultimately directing the water into our planted rain gardens, we controlled the flow of water throughout the entire site.
  5. Goal/Reason for Project and Result of the Project – As a project that started as an asphalt driveway and a possible pool patio, we were able to show the clients the full potential of their property. They agreed that this was an opportunity for them to create a destination not only for themselves, but their friends and family alike. I’d say we nailed it!